Miklós Köves “Pinyó”

After school amateur bands, his first more well-known group was Futurama, then in 1965 he joined Nonstop, which was a very acknowledged group that was respected by the profession as well. In addition to countless club concerts, they appeared in festivals as well, of which they won one with their song “Lélegző furcsa hajnalon” (Breathing On A Strange Dawn). This song is considered as an evergreen success of Hungarian rock music until today.


In 1973-75 he played music with Lajos Som in Switzerland and Germany, then after they arrived home they founded Piramis.

After Piramis he switched to quieter musical waters, he participated in theatrical productions and participated on the records of several actors (Bodrogi, Voith, Hernádi). In 1991 they launched the band R.A.B.B. with Ádám Török, an old friend of his, with which they produced several records, and in addition to many appearances in Hungary they achieved successes for example in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Finland. From 1996 he became a member of the newly formed Mini, with which the success story continued.

In February 2009 he gave his first concert with the Piramis Plusz band with the formation Závodi-Gallai-Köves-Nyemcsók-Vörös.



Nyemcsók János

Závodi János

Gallai Péter

Vörös Gábor

Köves Miklós


Som Lajos

Révész Sándor

Lévay Tibor