The Band

Piramis is one of the greatest legends of the history of Hungarian rock music, no other Hungarian band has ever generated such mass hysteria than this group.

Piramis was formed in 1975 and soon became the most popular band of the country. Tens of thousands of visitors ranged in the Budai Ifjúsági Park (legendary Youth Park in Buda), the group gave hundreds of concerts every year in all parts of the country, on open-air stages, in community centres and youth parks. Their albums were sold in hundreds of thousands of copies, Piramis patrols were formed, fans wrote poems to them, and the musicians practically could not go to the streets because the traffic stopped at their sight.

Their hits are among the most popular songs of Hungarian rock music until now, “Szállj fel magasra” (Fly High), “Becsület” (Honour), “Ha volna két életem” (If I had Two Lives), “Kívánj igazi ünnepet” (Wish A True Celebration), and the other hit songs are true classics and they are the most often played songs of radios.

After the break-up of the band, the fans waited twelve years to meet their favourites again. In 1992 the band gave five full house concerts in Budapest Sports Hall (of capacity of 12,500), it was then that the singer of Aerosmith, who were on a concert tour in Hungary, told the members of Piramis: “You are much greater stars than us, since we could only achieve one full house” … The albums released again were sold in enormous number of copies, yet there was no continuation, there was silence about Piramis for many years.
The next appearance was in December 2006, when the band got together again and they filled the Arena twice, the DVD made about the concert became a platinum record, similarly to the audio CD. In contrast with the expectations, the longer return did not occur this time either, the group did not stay together because of personal problems.

However, three ex-Piramis members, guitarist János Závodi, keyboard player Péter Gallai and drummer Miklós Köves felt that the musical inheritance cannot be left to lose, the audience still requires the concerts, and they would like to hear the songs live. Thus, they requested ex-Ossián Gábor Vörös to be bass guitarist, whereas János Nyemcsók turned out to be the most appropriate for the singer post, who is made genuine in the front line of Piramis because of being an obsessed Piramis fan, in addition to his voice qualities and stage work.



2009 was the year of return of Piramis. Requests have arrived for great festivals, from city events, community centres and from abroad as well, and the band would like to meet all of these. Piramis did not give concerts in the countryside and the regions of the surrounding countries inhabited by Hungarians for thirty years, thus the interest has grown every day, many concerts are expected this year, we would like to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the legendary “big gig” and we would like to organise a Christmas gig as well.