New CD

After a long time, fans can finally listen to a new Piramis release! The CD was recorded on 3 March 2018 in Budapest, in the MOM Sports Hall. The band said goodbye to their ‘Boss’, Lajos Som, at this concert and, as it turned out later, unfortunately this recording was also their last material together with Péter Gallai. The album will hit the shelves on 25 May.

The restart

After a year and a half of forced rest, the Piramis band will soon be back on stage. The first concert will take place on June 26 in Barcs, Hungary.

Piramis concert at MOM Sports Hall

Until this year’s concerts are organised, let us show you a video that was made on 3 March 2018 in Budapest, in the MOM Sport Hall. This appearance was unforgettable for the band, since Csoki („Chocolate”) sang the entire concert meanwhile he had a heart attack all along. And unfortunately fate decreed that this was the last concert recording with Péter.

Lajos Som died

We notify deeply shaken that Lajos Som has died yesterday afternoon. The Piramis band expresses its condolences to all the members of the bereaved family. Let the ground be light for him! The PIRAMIS band: János Zavodi, Péter Gallai, Miklós Köves, Csoki & Gábor Vörös.

Live in Nagyvárad (RO) 10/10/2015


Piramis on the Hír TV

Janó Závodi  and “Pinyó” interview for Hír TV – Paletta on 15 September 2015.


“Welcome to the new website of Piramis band! All the information about the group can be found at a new domain name, new host name and new form, which will naturally be extended continuously. The website will start in English as well within a couple of days. Happy browsing! PIRAMIS”



Barba Negra Track jegypénztár:
H-Szo:15:00 – 20:00 óráig (Programnapokon: 15:00 – 21:30 óráig)
Cím:1117 Budapest, Neumann János u. 2. (Rákóczi híd, budai hídfő)CD pince: (VII., Erzsébet krt. 37. Madách Színháznál)
Wave lemezbolt: (VI., Révai köz 4., Bazilikánál)
Headbanger lemezbolt: (Múzeum krt. 17.)
Jégpalota Jegyiroda: (IV., Külső-Szilágyi út 70.)


Budapest területén belül ingyen házhozszállítás (minimum 4 db)!
Telefonos jegyrendelés: +36309406692

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PIRAMIS – Great 40th Anniversary Concert

The legendary Piramis (Pyramid) band is 40 years old in 2015. In its current line-up the Hungarian rock band has given gigs in six years in Hungary, moreover in the surrounding countries (Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine) as well. With countless concerts behind their back, Piramis has continued to give gigs in 2015 as well so that they can convey to the current generation as well the feeling that the band used to transmit back then.

In January, after a long silence, the quintet gave a concert on the stage of Barba Negra Music Club again to the audience in Budapest, as the first appearance of the anniversary season. They knew it already then that they will have to meet the beloved audience in the capital city this year again. This encounter will be on 18 September on the Barba Negra Track’s stage, where the guys will bring all the love and energies of the four decades!

In order to ensure that the concert is not simply “a” great gig, the following guest bands will participate as well:
– Acoustic Gallery


Early bird (first 300) tickets: HUF 1,700 (sold out)
Until 10 September: HUF 2,200
From 11 September: HUF 2,900

We would like you to come as well!


The discounted tickets can be bought at the following places until 10 September:

Barba Negra Track ticket cash desk:
Monday-Saturday: 15:00-20:00 hours (On program days: 15:00-21:30)
Address: 1117 Budapest, Neumann János u. 2. (at the Buda side of the Rákóczi bridge)

CD pince (CD cellar): (VII., Erzsébet krt. 37. at Madách Theatre)
Wave record store: (VI., Révai köz 4., at the Basilica)
Headbanger record store: (V., Múzeum krt. 17.)
Jégpalota Jegyiroda – Ice Palace Ticket Office (IV., Külső-Szilágyi út 70.)

Free delivery within Budapest (at least 4 tickets)!
Ticket ordering by phone: +36 30 940 6692

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Piramis-Demjén közös koncert

1979. július 22-i Agárdi Popstrandra meghirdetett Piramis koncertet a hatóságok betiltották. 36 évet kellett várni, hogy a legendás helyen felcsendüljenek a jól ismert Piramis dalok. 2015. augusztus 8-n a Popstrand színpadán Piramis/Demjén közös koncert.