Péter Gallai

He first played in a band called Nautilus, with which he appeared in university clubs. After a concert he was approached by Lajos Som, Miklós Köves and lyrics writer Attila Horváth and they invited him to the forming Piramis.



After the break-up of Piramis he became a member of Bergendy, which he left shortly, he could not identify with the style of the orchestra. After playing music abroad for years, he became a member of Bikini in 1985, where he spent 8 years. The next band was Favágók (Lumbermen), where he played together with István Vágó, Gábor Heilig and Gábor Majsai. He wrote songs and albums for many singers, among them Kriszta Kováts, he composed the music of the rock opera Kolombusz, he is the house composer of the RS9 Studio Theatre. He appeared in the band Piramix as a guest, then as a member, with this they played the concert program of Piramis.



Nyemcsók János

Závodi János

Gallai Péter

Vörös Gábor

Köves Miklós


Som Lajos

Révész Sándor

Lévay Tibor