János Nyemcsók “Csoki”

He started his singer performance in amateur rock bands, thus among others he was a member of the groups Madonna, LPX, Boutique, Akció and Vídia.



The band Fix, his first professional group, was formed in 1988, with this they had some successes, they had an LP as well and they had some hits too. The band playing rock corresponding to (and often somewhat preceding) the vogue of the era had many concerts with foreign stars and had successes for example in Germany as well. In 1990 he became a member of Manhattan, which was one of the most popular Hungarian bands for several years, they had several gold disc successes. This was followed by Fehér Csoki (White Csoki/Choc) in 2001, then he founded the band Piramix, whereby his old dream came true: the fanatic Piramis fan singer could finally sing the songs that he had always wanted to sing. Later on János Závodi and Péter Gallai became guests and then members of Piramix …




Nyemcsók János

Závodi János

Gallai Péter

Vörös Gábor

Köves Miklós


Som Lajos

Révész Sándor

Lévay Tibor