Lajos Som

The founder of Taurus ex-T:25-75-82 and Piramis is very likely the figure of Hungarian rock history who cannot be bypassed. He played music together with Béla Radics, he was invited to a world-famous band, but his domestic successes achieved at the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties were also outstanding. Moreover, he went to the parcels of hell, as he says: he visited other “dimensions” too. The alarm bell was pulled behind his head many times, but he always chucked out himself from already seemingly hopeless situations.

He started playing music in the band Record at the beginning of the sixties. This group made it when they once had to step in for Scampolo at the book store in Ferenc Liszt square. After this they had a permanent club in the culture hall of Gyapjúforgalmi Vállalat (Wool Trade Company) in Révay street.


The next great station in his life was Taurus, the first Hungarian hard rock band, at the beginning of the 70s, in which they played together with Béla Radics, Fecó Balázs and Győző Brunner, who was transferred from Metro. The group replaced Lajos with Zorán, because of reasons unclear until now, however, as it turned out this indeed elevated his carrier.

They decided it with Miklós Köves to found a band, thus they travelled to Germany and Switzerland already with the Piramis name, where they appeared in military clubs. When they arrived home, they already gave concerts using the Piramis name in Hungary as well, although at that time their singer was still Tibor Lévay, who was later replaced by Sándor Révész, who left Generál.

After the break-up of Piramis, in 1985 he became the bass guitarist of the similarly successful Senator band, in which they played together with Tamás Takács, Tamás Szekeres, Károly Giger and László Varga. Although they released an album, the media of that time profoundly “crucified” them before their concert advertised in the Petőfi Hall and this cut their carrier in half.



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Závodi János

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Som Lajos

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