Gábor Vörös

Like many others, he started to play in smaller rock bands, the groups of his amateur era were Steel Rock, Erogén, Radar, Nihil and Telegraf. His first significant band was Mahagoni in 1981, with which they exclusively played Led Zeppelin songs.


He started playing in Satöbbi (“Etc”) in 1982, which was a major new wave and avant-garde band of the era, and Gábor was the rocker among the members representing various music styles in the group. Szekeres Tamás Project was next, with this band they participated at an Ossian gig tour as a guest band and at the end of the concert tour he was invited to play in Ossian. He played in this band from 1988 to 1994 and he has remained good friend with its members even after the farewell concert. Fahrenheit and Omen followed, these are true “hard” groups in the Hungarian rock music world. After that he played in several bands (often in various at the same time), among others with Zoli Ganxtaa and many tribute groups, and he has become a member of Piramix.



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