Sándor Révész

He was 16 years old when he obtained the ORI music licence and started touring as a guest of the band Echo. He then received his nickname (Kölyök/Kid) known until now as well. At the beginning of 1970 he was a member of the bands Hearts, Mogyorósi Trió and Tűzkerék. From 1971 he played in Generál, then from 1975 to 1981 he was the front man of Piramis. He obtained the Singer of the Year prize several times based on the votes of the audience.


He left Piramis in 1981, then he looked for work abroad. He returned home in 1984, and he produced his first solo album a year later with the participation of Ferenc Demjén and Presser Gábor and others. In 1986 he launched a nationwide tour with János Karácsony. Later he retired from music life and settled down in Ásotthalom (close to the Hungarian-Serbian border), where he lived for appr. 15 years. In March 1992 he appeared again as a guest of Ferenc Demjén in the Budapest Sports Hall.

Soon they announced that Piramis will get together for one concert, however seeing the enormous demand of the audience, there were five full house concerts in the Budapest Sports Hall (of capacity of 12,500). In 1993 he produced a new solo album, on which some of his fellow musicians played as well, János Závodi and Péter Gallai both play on the record. This record shows the mature art of Révész, of newer attitude, he gave one concert in the Budapest Sports Hall with this material. There was an interruption until 1999, then he appeared again with Generál at the Slágerfesztivál (Hit Festival). His record titled Változtam (I’ve Changed) appeared in 2003, with six new and six old songs. In May 2009 he started a nationwide tour with his new band. He gave unplugged concerts of great success with his young and talented fellow musicians (Gergely Nagy, Ákos Horváth, Balázs Cseh, Béla Szakáll)
The final concert of the tour was in January 2010 in MÜPA (Palace of Arts) in Budapest.

He can be seen on the stage again since 2013. He plays with lutist Gábor Zajzon at his appearances of intimate atmosphere.



Nyemcsók János

Závodi János

Gallai Péter

Vörös Gábor

Köves Miklós


Som Lajos

Révész Sándor

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