János Závodi “Janó”


His career as a musician started at the end of the 60s, when he founded Mini with Ádám Török. His next band was Kex, which was one of the most exciting and interesting groups of the history of Hungarian rock music.



After two years in Kex, he switched to Nonstop, where he already played with Miklós Köves. After Nonstop, Köves went abroad with Lajos Som to play in catering establishments, but already before leaving they agreed with Závodi that they would form a joint band after their arrival back to Hungary. This was Piramis … After Piramis, Janó spent one and a half years in Hobo Blues Band, then after several years of playing music abroad he became a member of R.A.B.B., where he played with old friends Ádi (Ádám Török) and Pinyó. Tunyogi Rock Band became next, but in the meantime he established a Cream tribute band, with which he had several concerts. He has a large number of invitations as a guest musician, he is a permanent guest of jam sessions. The “Hungarian Keith Richard” was the guest of Piramix several times, later on he became a member of the band, and from this the road was straight to the birth of Piramis Plusz.




Nyemcsók János

Závodi János

Gallai Péter

Vörös Gábor

Köves Miklós


Som Lajos

Révész Sándor

Lévay Tibor